A promise is a promise

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The commitment to ensuring complete and transparent information for consumers is a fundamental principle upheld by the Consumer Protection Authority, and it was recently underscored in the case involving Movistar in Colombia.

In the promotion where Movistar advertised free access to NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME as part of some plans, there was a failure to provide comprehensive details and conditions necessary for consumers to access these services without additional charges. The Consumer Protection Authority takes a stringent approach when it comes to adherence to laws requiring completeness in consumer information.

It is emphasized that each promotion and advertisement should furnish consumers with information that is complete, clear, verifiable, and transparent. Consumers should not find themselves obligated to sift through additional documents or conditions beyond those outlined in the promotion to avail themselves of the advertised benefits.

Even in the context of a promotional offer, the advertiser cannot assume consumer acceptance. Instead, the advertiser must explicitly and in advance obtain the consumer’s express acceptance to qualify for the benefits.

As a consequence of this breach, Movistar faced a fine of USD$180,000. This serves as a reminder to all entities that promotions should not only be enticing but also conform to the legal standards, ensuring a fair and transparent exchange with consumers.

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A promise is a promise