Aldea Innpulsa


In the exciting world of business innovation, the company Into y Grupo stands out as a pioneer in the design of virtual learning experiences. Under the direction of the founding manager, Andrés Marulanda, the company has recently delivered Challenge 3, an initiative that has opened up new opportunities and challenges.

Strategic Collaboration
The journey to business success is not traveled alone. On this trip, Into y Grupo partnered with the respected consulting firm Triano Uribe Mikkelsen Limitada. Accompanied by the experienced consultant Álvaro Triana, the task of adjusting the business model of a spin-off in development was undertaken. This spin-off focuses on being a digital publisher aimed at the corporate public.
Challenges and Opportunities
During the business model adjustment process, significant challenges were faced. However, each challenge was a learning opportunity. Key elements of strategic direction were elucidated that now provide a solid foundation for the execution of this crucial project for Into and Grupo.
Corporate Digital Editorial
The spin-off’s focus on a digital publisher aimed at corporate audiences is a strategic move. Some of the essential aspects that were addressed include:
Identification of the corporate target audience.
Design of digital content adapted to business needs.
Distribution and visibility strategies in the corporate market.
Thanks and Acknowledgments
On this path of business transformation, Into y Grupo expresses cordial gratitude to Día Impulsa and Triano Uribe Mikkelsen Limitada for their invaluable support. Collaboration has been essential to the success of this innovative project.

In conclusion, the delivery of Challenge 3 has marked a milestone in the trajectory of Into and Group. The combination of virtual learning experiences and innovative management strategies has laid the foundation for a strong and promising business future. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey towards business excellence.

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Aldea Innpulsa