An unforgettable mistake

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With a recent victory, the Intellectual Property department of Triana, Uribe & Michelsen reaffirms its commitment to protecting the brand of its distinguished client, RITUALS INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARKS B.V., a prominent player in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

On this occasion, our client, RITUALS INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARKS B.V., opposed the registration of the “RITUAL BOTÁNICO BELLEZA NATURAL” trademark applied for by MARTHA DOLLY CASTAÑO ZULUAGA. Despite an initial decision favoring registration, posing a potential threat to our client’s established brands with the common element “RITUAL,” our legal strategy focused on the appeal.

During the appeal, we highlighted the striking phonetic, spelling, and conceptual similarities between the marks in question. The examiner at the second instance, in line with the appeal, overturned the initial decision. The appeal underscored the existing risk of confusion, leading to the rejection of the “RITUAL BOTÁNICO BELLEZA NATURAL” mark.

This victory not only preserved our client’s interests but also established a crucial precedent for the protection of their trademark portfolio. This achievement solidifies as a ritual of success, reaffirming the effectiveness of our legal approach in defending the intellectual property rights of our clients.

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An unforgettable mistake