Beware of the Monster

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Once again, the Colombian Trademark Office has demonstrated its commitment to upholding the rights of MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY through a decisive ruling in our client’s favor. In a recent case, the Trademark Office addressed and ruled on the opposition filed by MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY against the registration of the trademark MOOSTER, which sought to cover goods falling under international class 29, on behalf of GLORIA COLOMBIA S.A. The outcome was a resounding denial of the registration.

The reasoning behind the decision emphasizes that the applied trademark, MOOSTER, was deemed to partially reproduce the distinctive elements of MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY’s prior trademark registrations. This was based on factors such as the inclusion of the same number of syllables and the equivalent extension in both trademarks.

The denial of the registration serves as a testament to the strength and recognition of MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY’s brand in the market. By safeguarding against potentially confusing or misleading similarities, the Trademark Office has reinforced the distinct identity and exclusivity of MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY’s trademarks.

This successful outcome underscores our dedication to protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients. Triana, Uribe & Michelsen remains committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions and robust advocacy in intellectual property matters, ensuring that our clients’ brands are shielded from any potential infringement or dilution in the market.

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Beware of the Monster