BOSI: Family comes first


The significance of trademark families and their distinct protection was underscored by the Colombian Trademark Office in Resolution No. 62869 of 2018. This resolution aligned with the opposition filed by our esteemed client, Alcántara Asociados S.A.S.

Alcántara Asociados S.A.S. is renowned for its prominent trademark, BOSI, predominantly encompassing products in International Classes 18 and 25. The trademark and design are characterized by a letter B enclosed by curved traces, forming an oval shape resembling a boomerang.

Trademark families hold a unique position in the realm of intellectual property due to their distinctive marketing strategy. This strategy involves identifying a range of products that share similarities under trademarks linked by a common element or denomination.

The protective measures afforded to trademark families surpass those of regular brands, reflecting a more stringent safeguarding approach. This heightened protection is essential because it safeguards not only the rights of the trademark owner but also the interests of consumers. Consumers, having become familiar with several trademarks sharing common elements, may assume that any trademark or product possessing similar characteristics originates from the same company. This legal principle aims to prevent consumer confusion and maintain the integrity of the distinctive identity associated with trademark families.

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BOSI: Family comes first