BOSI: Family comes first


The Colombian Trademark Office stated as much with its Resolution No. 62869 of 2018, which agreed with the opposition filed by our client Alcántara Asociados S.A.S.

Alcántara Asociados S.A.S. is known for its famous trademark BOSI, which mainly covers products in International Classes 18 and 25; particularly regarding the trademark and design that consists on a letter B surrounded by curved traces, that conform an oval shape that ends up being a boomerang.

Trademark families enjoy a special protection because they use a special marketing strategy which consists on identifying a series of products with shared similarities with a series of trademarks that share a common element or denomination.

The protection given to trademark families is more rigorous than that given to regular brands, because the rights and interests of the consumer are betwixt. The consumer is familiarized with several trademarks that share the same elements and will assume that any trademark or product that have the same characteristics are made by one company.