Cannabis a changing outlook

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In 2016, Colombia opened the doors to the use of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. Since then, we have come a long way to the point of having the regulation of recreational use being discussed within the congress.

In 2021, the rules for the production of cannabis were changed and the possibility of the promotion and advertisement of the cannabis was included.

However, the regulation of said advertisement was only issued in 2022.

Given the possibility of the new use of cannabis upon to be accepted it is very important to note that by far, the only real rule issued concerning the advertisement of cannabis is that it can only be done by a subject part of the National Registry of Commercial Farmer managed by the Agricultural Colombian Institute.

Other than that, the rules to be followed are the ones directed to the specific king of good, for example:

  • Over- the- Counter’/Non-Prescription Medication:  The advertisement has to be approved by the Health Authority before it reaches the public.
  • Prescription Medication:  Prescription medication can only be advertised or promoted in technical or scientific publications, addressed exclusively to health professionals.

Taking into account the nature of the new use, it is possible that new rules concerning advertisement are going to be set.

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Cannabis a changing outlook