CARACOL won the challenge (Desafío)

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After the huge success of our client’s (CARACOL TELEVISION) television program, the DESAFIO (the challenge), a lot of competitor have tried to imitate the format and even register similar signs to identify athletic competitions.

This was the case of DESAFÍO DE GUERREROS S.A.S., said company registered the trademark DESAFÍO DE GUERREROS (challenge of the warriors), to identify an athletic competition.

Against that trademark, CARACOL filed a cancellation for notoriety action, and considering the vast acknowledgment through time, the great recognition and the unquestionable bond with CARACOL, the Trademark Office gave the programmer the reason and that was how once again CARACOL won the CHALLENGE.

To conclude, the Trademark Office decided to recognize the notoriety of the trademark “DESAFIO” to identify television programs of sport competitions owned by CARACOL and consequently, cancelled the trademark “DESAFIO DE GUERREROS” owned by DESAFIO DE GUERREROS  S.A.S.

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CARACOL won the challenge (Desafío)