Celebrity’s personal trademarks are the most attractive to imitate

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Sometimes it is inevitable that third parties try to take advantage of the fame and prestige of famous people.

This happened to our client REPRESENTACIONES SPORT PLUS S.A.S. representative of JAMES RODRIGUEZ, owner of the trademark JR10, registered to distinguish diverse products and services that have seal of the recognized soccer player.

In this case, a third party, Juan Restrepo, applied for the registration of the trademark JR10 CENTRO DE ALTO RENDIMIENTO BY: JUAN RESTREPO imitating the name and design of the previous registered mark.

The Trademark Office agreed with the arguments we filed with the opposition and protected both the trademark and image of James Rodríguez arguing:

The applied sign reproduces the expression JR10 of the previous registered trademark.

James Rodríguez is very well known nationally and internationally.

James Rodríguez has not authorized the use of its trademark or image within the sign JR10 CENTRO DE ALTO RENDIMIENTO BY: JUAN RESTREPO.

The reproduction of the trademark and the use of the image of James Rodríguez, generates a risk of confusion among the public. Therefore, it is impossible for both signs to coexist in the market.

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