Current trends in Intellectual Property and Advertising Law


In recognition of his outstanding expertise in the field of intellectual property and advertising law, our partner Juan Carlos Uribe received a special invitation to participate as a panelist in the conference “Current Trends in Intellectual Property and Advertising Law” organized by GALA in Mexico. This event, situated at the intersection of legal and advertising realms, served as a prominent platform for the discussion of relevant industry topics.

During his participation, Juan Carlos shared his knowledge and specialized insights on Ambush Marketing, providing an insightful perspective on this particular subject. His intervention not only enriched the conversations at the conference but also highlighted his leadership and experience in crucial legal issues related to intellectual property and advertising.

Juan Carlos Uribe’s presence as a panelist not only underscored his contribution to the legal and advertising fields but also emphasized our ongoing commitment to excellence and active engagement in forums driving discussion and understanding of current trends in these specialized areas.

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Current trends in Intellectual Property and Advertising Law