Duel of Titans

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On behalf of our client CARACOL TELEVISION S.A., we filed an opposition against the registration of the trademark LOS TITANES requested by DISCOS FUENTES EDIMUSICA S.A.

As main arguments, we highlighted that the requested trademark reproduces in its entirety, the registered trademarks TITANES CARACOL, without additional elements that would allow to differentiate it from the recognized TV program TITANES CARACOL.

 Consequently, consumers might think that the applied sign LOS TITANES, is a new musical entertainment program of CARACOL TELEVISION S.A. Additionally, both marks distinguish services in Class 41, destined to satisfy the same purposes of the public consumer.

The Trademark Authority found that the conflicted trademarks are confusingly similar and effectively share grammar and phonetic similarities, due to the use of the expression “TITANES”. Therefore, the coexistence of both trademarks could lead to the risk of confusion. Thus, the director supported the opposition and denied the registration of the requested trademark.

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Duel of Titans