Every king has a different kingdom

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We defeated the opposition filed by FABRICA DE ESPECIAS Y PRODUCTOS EL REY S.A. against the registration of the trademark SIGO SIENDO EL REY requested by our client CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A.

The opponent highlighted that the applied sign SIGO SIENDO EL REY, was confusingly similar to the well-known trademark EL REY. In our defense we emphasized that the requested trademark SIGO SIENDO EL REY strictly identifies transmission and broadcasting of television services, instead the registered mark EL REY it is known to identify food condiments.

The trademark authority, when analyzing the signs, found that the compared trademarks have certain similarities, as they share some expressions. However, each of them has additional elements that generate a totally different impression when pronounced, transcribed and visualized. Thus, in case of coexistence, they would not generate risk of confusion or association.

In addition, the Trademark Office detected that there are several registered signs that coexist peacefully using expressions such as EL REY – REY, which allowed to conclude that the opponent did not have a monopoly over the expression in question. The trademark’s director declared unfounded the opposition and denied the registration of the requested trademark.

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Every king has a different kingdom