Five suggestions when choosing your trademark

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1. Get away from the concepts that already exist in the market, although the positioning may take a little longer, its recognition will be greater and easier to protect.

2. Create a word or phrase that does not exist in the market. These signs are known as fantasy brands and their protection is much broader and less expensive than with other trademarks.

3. Avoid acronyms, according to the registration authority, letters are not exclusively appropriable, except for its use altogether. For this reason, if a new word is not created, it is better to avoid them, because their distinctiveness can easily be diluted over time.

4. When you have a selected sign, perform an availability search before the registration authority, thus avoiding investments in advertising and positioning of a sign that later cannot be protected.

5. Do not start using the sign before protecting it by means of registration, since in Colombia the use does not generate rights.

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Five suggestions when choosing your trademark