How Grande can be a Cheese?

Grande Cheese Company has decided to take a significant step in its international expansion by entering the Colombian market. To this end, they have submitted 24 trademark registration applications, all under the name AFINO, covering a variety of dairy products, primarily different types of cheese. This strategic move was met with opposition from the company Alicorp Holdco España, S.L., which holds previous registrations of the FINO trademark. Alicorp argued that the AFINO trademarks could cause confusion with its family of FINO trademarks, which has a consolidated presence and deserves special protection due to its market recognition.

The registration process became complex due to the objections raised. Alicorp Holdco España, S.L. based its opposition on the risk of confusion that, according to them, could arise between the AFINO and FINO trademarks, alleging phonetic and orthographic similarities that, in their opinion, would mislead Colombian consumers. However, the Trademark Office conducted a thorough registrability analysis to determine if Alicorp’s concerns were justified.

After a detailed study, the Trademark Office concluded that, although Alicorp’s FINO family of trademarks has considerable recognition that justifies special protection, the AFINO trademarks submitted by Grande Cheese Company are sufficiently distinctive. The analysis highlighted significant graphic and conceptual differences between the two brands. Visually, the AFINO and FINO trademarks have distinctive elements that allow for easy differentiation. Furthermore, conceptually, each brand evokes different ideas and associations in the consumer’s mind, which significantly reduces the risk of confusion.

Additionally, the Trademark Office evaluated the orthographic and phonetic aspects of both trademarks. Although they may seem similar at first glance or hearing, the analysis revealed important discrepancies that ensure a different overall impression for each brand. The differences in the structure and sound of the AFINO and FINO trademarks are sufficiently marked so that consumers can clearly distinguish between the products offered by Grande Cheese Company and Alicorp.

Thanks to this favorable resolution, Grande Cheese Company has managed to register its 24 trademarks under the name AFINO, paving the way for its entry into the Colombian market. This success not only allows the company to protect its products in the new market but also reinforces its global expansion strategy. Entering Colombia represents a significant opportunity for Grande Cheese Company to showcase the quality and variety of its cheeses, under the AFINO brand, to a new group of consumers.

For Grande Cheese Company, this process has been a clear example of how a well-planned and executed strategy can overcome legal and market challenges. The company is now in a solid position to evaluate its success and define how “GRANDE” it wants its growth to be in the Colombian market.

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How Grande can be a Cheese?