How many Quantums

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On this case, our client QUANTUM CORPORATION opposed to the registration of the sign QUANTUM DRIVE SYSTEM + (Graphic) requested by VARIADORES S.A.

As main arguments, our client emphasized that the requested trademark was highly similar and confusing with regard to their own trademark QUANTUM due to the fact they are conceptually identical as well as phonetically and orthographically similar; even though the expressions “Drive System” are not distinctive enough. Additionally, both trademarks identify products comprehended in the International Class 9, such as technological products complementary to the ones of our client.

The Trademark Authority finding that the conflicted trademarks were almost identical in relation to the word QUANTUM, that comes from the English language, the registration of the requested sign, could pose an imminent risk of confusion among the public consumers. Therefore, the trademarks director denied the registration of the requested trademark.

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How many Quantums