In Medicine and Technology METIME prevails

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On this case, our client METIME CORPORATION LIMITED requested the mark METIME, to identify a medical software, that manages information and medical services. The corporation INSTITUTO DE DIAGNÓSTICO MÉDICO S.A. IDIME S. opposed to the registration of the trademark of our client, arguing that the expression IDIME and METIME were confusingly similar.

As main arguments, our client highlighted that the only similarity between METIME and IDIME was the termination in “me”, since there are no vowel sequences and different use of consonants. Additionally, the consumers that get the products of METIME are well informed to manage the medical software.

The Trademark Authority considered that the pronunciation of both signs are not similar, since they do not share vowel sequences or consonants. The trademarks director denied the opposition presented by IDIME and granted the registration of the mark METIME by our client.

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In Medicine and Technology METIME prevails