Asociaciones GALA - Triana Uribe & Michelsen

“The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (“GALA”) is an alliance of lawyers located throughout the world with expertise and experience in advertising, marketing and promotion law. GALA provides a worldwide resource to individuals and corporations interested in answers to questions and solutions to problems involving the complex legal issues affecting advertisers and marketers” (

Asociaciones ALFA international - Triana Uribe & Michelsen

“The ALFA International model enables our members to use their local expertise to deliver highly effective legal solutions, often drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of other member firms. ALFA International clients benefit from a geographically comprehensive network of exceptional law firms and accomplished trial and business counsel. Our member firms meet high standards to be part of the ALFA International network and are well respected by their peers in the legal and business community” (

Asociaciones INTA - Triana Uribe & Michelsen

“The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property (IP) to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation” (

Asociaciones ASIPI - Triana Uribe & MIchelsen

ASIPI’s purpose “is to promote in the American countries the development and harmonization of the laws, regulations and procedures related to Industrial and Intellectual property, understood in their broad meaning, which relate to the industry, commerce, services, agriculture, stockbreeding and those which in the future may also be considered as Industrial or Intellectual Property” (

Asociaciones ACPI - Triana Uribe & MIchelsen

“The Colombian Intellectual Property Association has been constituted as a non-profit Private Law entity, integrated by professionals whose professional exercise consist of the protection of Intellectual Property rights (…) [to] promote the development of the Intellectual Property Law and related areas, facilitate professional practice, benefit the right holders and the common good of society”. (

Asociaciones IBA - Triana Uribe & MIchelsen

“The International Bar Association, established in 1947, is the world’s leading international organisation of legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. The IBA influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world” (

“We are a global association of leading professional service firms, serving the cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs of clients” (

Asociaciones ICDT - Triana Uribe & MIchelsen

“We are a non-profit, civil law entity, incorporated in 1963, domiciled in Bogotá, D.C.- Colombia. Our purpose is the study, research, dissemination and improvement of tax law, customs law and foreign trade, as well as those legal, economic, financial and accounting aspects that are related to them”

Asociaciones IDI - Triana Uribe & MIchelsen

Members of the IDI Association are lawyers, internal counsels, consultants and businesspeople, who share an interest in cross border distribution of products and services (i.e. commercial agency, exclusive and selective distribution, franchising, occasional intermediaries etc.).
IDI provides information and documents that can be used when creating, organizing and managing distribution networks around the world. Particularly, international model contracts, text of laws, detailed country reports, national and European case-law are available in the website.