With more than 30 years of experience in management consulting in the Americas Region, the Management Consulting Department focuses in the critical issues problem solving of businesses related with strategy, organization, corporate governance and consulting and sales effectiveness competencies.
Our clients belong to government, private sector and non-for profit organizations in Latin-America

Management Consulting Department services include:

Facilitate strategic planning exercises with top management teams, providing the frameworks, methodologies and necessary assistance to solve specifically critical issues or to elaborate corporate or business unit strategic plans and project initiatives.

Una vez que la estrategia es clara, ayudaOnce the strategy is clear, we help top management teams adjust their business processes, organizational structures, roles and responsibilities and competency profiles to assure the maximum organizational effectiveness to execute and meet the strategic goals.mos a los equipos de alta dirección a ajustar sus procesos de negocio, estructuras organizacionales, roles y responsabilidades y perfiles de competencias para asegurar la máxima efectividad organizacional para ejecutar y cumplir con los objetivos estratégicos.

Assistance of shareholders and partners to create a sustainable governance for their businesses, defining the appropriate governance bodies, structuring the planning processes, establishing an appropriate auditing and risk management system and clarifying the rules between owners – sometimes families – and boards.

Provide training programs to executives who need to strengthen their consulting and consultative selling skills to execute their job assignments and meet strategic goals.



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