Lexology GTDT sports law 2023 digital edition Colombia

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Our partners Nicole van Boxtel, Sandra Ávila and Juan Carlos Uribe, are proud to have contributed to the development of the Lexology GTDT Sports Law 2023 Digital Edition- Colombia.

In Colombia, a specific law for civil liability in sports does not exist, nor has a clear jurisprudence been developed

regarding this matter. All is studied according to the articles of the contractual liability (articles 1602 and further of the Civil Code) and torts (articles 2341 and further of the Civil Code). Furthermore, there matter is ruled by the Law 49 of 1993 by means of which the ‘disciplinary regime within sports’ is established. The liability is analyzed depending on the circumstances at hand (rules of the game, general sports law, acts of the parties involved, fault, causal link, damage,

relation between the affected parties, etc). Should you be interested in our assistance, please contact TRIANA, URIBE & MICHELSEN through the email: tum@tumnet.com