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Our esteemed partner, Juan Carlos Uribe, is set to make a significant contribution at the NYSBA Intellectual Property Law Section | Annual Meeting, where he will be a featured speaker addressing the topic ‘An Update on Franchising and Other IP Transactions in Latin America: Franchising/IP transactions in Latin America: Mexico, Central America, Brazil, and Colombia.

The Latin American region offers distinctive opportunities for U.S. businesses seeking to broaden their distribution channels beyond the U.S. marketplace. Our distinguished panel, comprising Latin American attorneys, will deliver a comprehensive update on intellectual property and franchise laws. They will delve into the regulations governing commercial transactions that facilitate entry into the marketplace in their respective countries/regions.

Juan Carlos Uribe’s expertise and insights promise to enrich the discussion, providing attendees with valuable information on the current landscape of intellectual property and franchising in Latin America. This session aims to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to navigate the legal intricacies of international business transactions in the dynamic Latin American market. We look forward to Juan Carlos Uribe’s engaging contribution and the valuable perspectives that will emerge from this discussion.

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NYSBA Intellectual Property Law Section