What are the documents and information needed to file a patent application?

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The minimum documents and information for filing a patent application in Colombia are the following:

  • Applicant’s name and domicile
  • Inventor’s name and domicile
  • Filing number and filing date of the earlier patent application which priority is claimed under the Paris Convention or the PCT Treaty.
  • Description, claims, summary and drawings of the invention in the Spanish language.
  • Payment of the official fees
    In a further stage, the applicant will be required to file in order to complete the application in Colombia, the following documents and information:
  • A Power of Attorney, in case that the application is submitted by an Attorney.
  • A document by which the inventor assigns the right over the invention to the applicant, in case that the applicant is different to the inventor.
  • The priority document if the priority had been claimed under Paris Convention.
  • If the patent application refers to a sequence of nucleotides or amino acids, the sequence listing in digital form is required.
  • If the patent application refers to biological material, and the invention cannot be fully described to be understood and carried out by a skilled person in the art, a certificate of deposit of the biological material is required.
  • If the invention was obtained or developed on the basis of genetic resources and their derivatives a contract access to genetic resources is required.
  • If the invention was obtained or developed on the basis of traditional knowledge belonging to indigenous, Afro-American or local communities, the authorization for use of the traditional knowledge is required.