What are the main requirements for a health approval concerning the import and sale of cosmetics?

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  • Name and percentage of each ingredient in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).
  • Quantitative formula of all substances with restricted use and activates with established parameters in the INCI.
  • Organoleptic and physicochemical specifications of the product and if applicable microbiologic specifications
  • User instructions and precautions for use (if applicable).
  • Justification of the benefits and promulgation of cosmetic nature attributed to the product which will not cause health problems and justification of the benefits.
  • Draft of the etiquette or label.
  • Material of the primary packaging.
  • Name of the product and trademark (if applicable).
  • Group of cosmetics (if applicable).
  • Nature of the cosmetic product (gel, liquid, cream, emulsion etc.…).
  • Manufacture contract with the manufacturer or the conditioner, if applicable.
  • Certificate of free sale with an apostille stamp or a similar authorization issued by the competent authority of the country of origin. This document cannot be older than five years, starting form the date of presentation of the Health Notification.
  • Authorization of the manufacturer to the person responsible for the commercialization in which needs to indicate whether he merely authorizes the responsible person to import the product or to be the holder of the Health Notification.