What are the main requirements for a health approval concerning food

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  • Certificate of free sale of the product in the country of origin issued by the competent Health authority in which is stated that the product is freely sold in that country, apt for human consumption and that the manufacturer complies with all existing health regulation in said country, with respective apostille stamp or consulate stamp.
  • Authorization of the importer by the manufacturer to import and commercialize food products in Colombia. In case a third party is the holder of the health approval the document needs to authorize him explicitly to import and commercialize the product in Colombia.
  • Technical index card per product variety containing the following information:
    • Name of the product.
    • An overview of all the ingredients in descending order of initial weight (m/m) on the moment of the manufacturing of the product, functionality of the food additives and their concentration.
    • Type and material of the packaging.
    • Commercial presentation of the product.
    • The preservation and storage conditions which guarantee the estimated shelf life of the product.
    • The treatment procedure (processing/elaboration) in a descriptive form or by a flow chart.
    • Shelf life of the product.
    • Recommended portion. If the product contains food additives, the maximum dose needs to be indicated as well.
    • Population Group.
    • The technical index card needs to be signed by the legal representative of the holder of the health approval or the head of the production of the manufacturer.