What kind of health approvals are needed in Colombia and what is the difference between them?

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Health Registration: This is a public document issued as an administrative action by the Colombian National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute (INVIMA) by which it authorizes the holder of the registration to produce, commercialize, import, export, pack, process, hydrate and sell products which require said authorization according with regulation (food with a high risk for public health, alcoholic beverages, medical and biomedical devices and other equipment, homeopathic medicines, phytotherapeutic products, dietary supplements, household pesticides, agents for in vitro diagnostic and chemical and biological synthesis medicines).

Health Permission: This is the authorization of a micro enterprise by INVIMA to manufacture and sell alimentation for human consumption in the national territory of Colombia. No health permission can be granted for the following types of food: meat, meat productions and preparations, milk in all its variations, milk cream, butter, young and old chees, oil or butter fat, mayonnaise and products prepared based on eggs, cans, pre-cooked and frozen food form animal origin, packaged water and baby food.

Health Notification: This is a public document issued by INVIMA by means of which a natural or legal person is authorized to manufacture, commercialize, import, export, package, process, hydrate and sell a food product with a low risk for public health, according to Resolution 719 of 2015.

Obligatory Health Notification: This is a communication by which the interested party informs INVIMA, with a declaration on oath, that a cosmetic, cleaning or personal hygiene product will be commercialized by the interested party posterior to the notification.