Which are the advantages of incorporating a Simplified Joint Stock Company (S.A.S.)?

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  • Unlike other entities, which must be established by public deed, the Simplified Joint Stock Company (S.A.S.) is created by private document (except for some very specific cases), which must be registered before the Chamber of Commerce of the place where the Company will establish its domicile;
  • There are no minimum or maximum limits for the capital stock amount;
  • The subscription and payment of the capital stock may be made under the conditions, proportions and terms established by the shareholders without limitations or minimums. In any case, the term for the payment of the subscribed capital may not exceed 2 years;
  • The Company may be incorporated by one or more natural and/or legal persons;
  • The duration of the Company can be indefinite;
  • The business purpose of this corporate structure can be indeterminate for carrying any lawful commercial activities.
  • The Company is not required to have a Board of Directors. Notwithstanding, this type of governing body can be incorporated at any time.
  • This type of entity does not require the appointment of an Auditor, unless it exceeds a determinate level of gross income or assets.
  • The shareholders will be responsible up to the amount of their contributions, except in cases of fraud or abuse of the Company against others.