Which are the main Taxes for the Simplified Joint Stock Company (S.A.S.)?

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  • Incorporation Tax at a rate of 0.7% over the subscribed capital of the Company. This tax is paid only once at the time of the incorporation;
  • Inscription and renewal of the Commercial Registration, at a rate that will depend on the value of the assets of the Company;
  • Income Tax, at a rate of 33% (for year 2018); furthermore, there is a surcharge of 4% (for year 2018), that must only be paid when the Company’s taxable base exceeds approximately USD280.700.00;
  • Value Added Tax “V.A.T.”, at 3 rates between 4% and 19%, depending on the good or service concerned;
  • Tax on Financial Transactions “G.M.F.” at a rate of 0.4% per operation;
  • Industry and Commerce Tax at a variable rate depending on the activity;
  • Property Tax (provided there is ownership of usufruct right on real state), at a rate between 2 and 33 per thousand, over the value of the property.