Which are the required procedures for the incorporation of a Simplified Joint Stock Company (S.A.S.)?

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  • Compilation of certain information and documentation;
  • Drafting of special powers of attorney;
  • Drafting the bylaws of the Company;
  • Registering the Simplified Joint Stock Company (S.A.S.) before the Chamber of Commerce;
  • Obtaining the R.U.T. (tax registration number) and N.I.T. (tax identification number) of the Company with the National Tax Authority (DIAN). Please note that the Principal Legal Representative and the Substitute Legal Representative (if appointed) must obtain a R.U.T. and a N.I.T. as natural persons;
  • Registering the Commerce Books (i.e. Shareholders Registry Book and Minutes of shareholder’s meetings);
  • Issuing Share Certificates;
  • Wait for the issuing, by the competent authorities, of the Certificate of Incorporation and Legal Representation, and the R.U.T and N.I.T. of the Company.