Reduction of woeking hours


Law 2102 of 2021, a significant legislative development, brought about substantial modifications to Article 161 of the Substantive Labor Code, specifically focusing on the duration of the working day. This legislative initiative aimed to progressively reduce the standard working week from 48 to 42 hours, providing flexibility in the distribution of these hours across 5 or 6 working days.

The phased reduction unfolds as follows:

– **Commencing on July 15, 2023:** The workweek is mandated to be reduced to 47 hours, signifying the initial step towards a more balanced work-life structure.

– **From July 15, 2024:** Another reduction takes effect, further shortening the workweek to 46 hours, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to enhancing the well-being of the workforce.

– **Starting on July 15, 2025:** The workweek experiences another reduction, settling at 44 hours per week, reflecting a continued effort to align labor regulations with contemporary work standards.

– **From July 15, 2026:** The final phase of reduction is realized, establishing the standard workweek at 42 hours. This marks a significant milestone in fostering a healthier work environment and promoting a better work-life balance.

These adjustments not only impact the quantity of hours worked but also underscore a broader commitment to adapt labor laws to evolving societal norms. The acknowledgement of the changing nature of work and the need for more humane working conditions is evident in these legislative changes.

Additionally, noteworthy modifications were introduced concerning the working hours of young individuals aged between 15 and 17, who are authorized to engage in employment. Specifically, the amendments stipulate that this demographic can work a maximum of 6 hours during a daytime shift. In contrast, those individuals over the age of 17 can extend their workday to a maximum of 8 hours.

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Reduction of woeking hours