Rino V. Rhino: More than an aminal’s fight

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“When dealing with animals”

On September 20, 2018 the Colombian Trademark Office issued Resolution No. 70517 where it declared founded the opposition filed by our client RHINO ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, thus denying the registration of the trademark RINO + GRAPHIC applied by LA JOTA FILMS S.A.S., to cover goods and services of International Classes 9 and 38 respectively. According to the Trademark Office the fact that both signs evoke exactly the same idea or concept (a rhinoceros), and have the same syllables and endings, are enough reasons for a confusion risk to feature in the consumer’s mind regarding the commercial origin of the goods and services that the requested sign pretends to distinguish.

Hence the Trademark Office insists once again in the importance the conceptual meaning and the orthographic composition of a sign, this is, the pronunciation of the sign and the idea it produces in consumers’ minds.