The sun shines again


Under the renewed glow of the sun, we are pleased to share a success story that underscores the importance of clarity and strong argumentation in the trademark registration process. In this particular case, our valued client, SMA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY AG, faced a challenge when opposing the registration application for the SUNNYCLEANBOT (NOMINATIVA) mark by the company SUNNY APP S.A.S.

In the initial stage, the examiner issued a decision declaring the opposition justified only in relation to a portion of the products and services requested by the mark, without providing sufficient arguments and reasoning to support such a decision. Faced with this lack of motivation and clarity in the examiner’s argumentation in the initial stage, our client decided to appeal.

During the appeal phase, our client succeeded in highlighting the absence of motivation and clear argumentation by the initial examiner. We convincingly demonstrated that, contrary to what was indicated by the examiner, the entirety of the products and services identified by the requested mark were competitively related to the products and services identified by our client’s opposing marks, namely, SUNNY BOY (NOMINATIVA), SUNNY PLACES (NOMINATIVA), and SUNNY PORTAL (NOMINATIVA).

In response to our strong arguments, the appellate examiner took our perspective into account and partially revoked the decision of the initial stage. As a result, the complete registration of the requested mark was denied, thus allowing the ongoing protection of our client’s marks.

This achievement not only highlights the effectiveness of argumentation and the presentation of solid evidence but also emphasizes the importance of persistence and commitment in defending trademark rights. At Triana, Uribe & Michelsen, we celebrate this success that reinforces our dedication to providing effective legal solutions and protecting the interests of our valuable clients.

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The sun shines again