The trademark CIVICO.COMdoes not get cancel


The trademark CIVICO.COM does not get cancel

In an unpredictable decision, the Colombian Trademark Office issued Resolution No. 78095 of 2017, by means of which said entity denied the cancelation action filed by METRO DE MEDELLIN LTDA., against the trademarkCIVICO.COM + GRAPHIC, in international class 38 of our client CIVICO DIGITAL S.A.S.

This decision is interesting due to the analysis done by the examiner concerning the evidence, since everybody knows CIVICO.COM + GRAPHIC is used in the market (

The resolution considered that telecommunication services not only include the diffusion of radio and television programs but also, due to the technology advances, telecommunication needs to be understood as “the information that is stockpiled in the web pages, as interactive bulletins for the transmission of messages between users, in relation with the global offer of services and products, as well as the transmission of information and data by electronic means”. The resolution also highlights that people have the option of interacting in the web site and in the APP, making possible the existence of an “exchange of data and information between the platform and the users”.

Even though this decision is not yet final, it is a glimmer of hope for conscious studies conducted by the Trademark Office.

The trademark CIVICO.COMdoes not get cancel