This land holds more than one king

el rey 2

On this occasion, the trademarks delegate, on appeal, confirmed the decision of the trademarks director to grant the registration of the trademark requested by our client REIGN BEVERAGE COMPANY LLC.

The decision was based on the fact that both the requested sign and the opposing signs were perfectly distinguishable insofar as, on one hand, the requested sign is figurative in nature and illustrates the mask of an armor and a crown while, on the other hand, the opposing signs belonging to FABRICA DE ESPECIAS Y PRODUCTOS EL REY S.A. are mixt in nature, characterized by a nominative element: “EL REY” and a figurative element: the image of a king.

Therefore, when considering that the predominant element in the opposing signs was nominative: “EL REY” and, since the requested sign is figurative in nature, the trademarks delegate did not find any risk of confusion between the compared signs.

Thus, our client´s image and trademarks were successfully registered and protected.

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This land holds more than one king