Veni vidi veci of vivi oil

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On this case, our client FABRICA DE GRASAS Y PRODUCTOS QUIMICOS LIMITADA GRASCO LIMITADA opposed to the registration of the trademark BIBIGO requested by CJ CHEILJEDANG CORPORATION.

As main arguments, our client highlighted that the requested trademark is confusingly similar with their registered VIVI ACEITE, from our client FABRICA DE GRASAS Y PRODUCTOS QUIMICOS LIMITADA GRASCO, since the pronunciation is very similar and the consumer might think that the applied sign is an extension from the tradamark portfolio of our client, leading to confusion.

The Trademark Authority found that the conflicted trademarks are confusingly similar and effectively share grammar and phonetic similarities, since they share the expressions “VIVI” and “BIBI” that are phonetically the same. Therefore, the coexistence of both trademarks cloud lead to eminent risk of confusion, so the director supported the opposition presented by our client and denied the registration of the requested trademark.

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