Victory for VITTORIA Coffee

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On behalf of our client CANTARELLA BROS PTY LTD we filed an opposition against the registration of the trademark VITTORINO requested by JOSÉ OLIMPO MORALES BENITEZ.

As main arguments, we highlighted that the requested trademark reproduces in its entirety, the registered trademark VITTORIA, demonstrating that the applicant had previous knowledge of our client’s mark VITTORIA, which is notorious to identify coffee products since 1947.

The mark VITTORIA is registered in one of the member countries of the General Inter-American Convention for Trademark and Commercial Protection, to identify products in International Class 30. By being reproduce by the applied sign, is evident the eminent risk of confusion and association with any of the products commercialized by our client. This filed opposition, lead us to have a coexistence agreement with JOSÉ OLIMPO MORALES BENITEZ, in which he compromised not to use any similar font type and colors or color backgrounds of the notorious mark of our client.

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Victory for VITTORIA Coffee