ARTBO: Protecting the artistic distinctiveness of a brand


In a notable achievement, Triana, Uribe & Michelsen´s IP department successfully safeguarded the trademark family ARTBO for its client CÁMARA DE COMERCIO DE BOGOTÁ, emerging victorious in a dispute against the trademark ARTBAT requested by KRYVENKO ARTUR and LIMARENKO VITALII.

The issue arose when counterpart KRYVENKO ARTUR and LIMARENKO VITALII aimed to register the trademark ARTBAT, raising concerns due to orthographic, phonetic, and conceptual parallels with regards to our client´s trademarks. Both ARTBO and ARTBAT trademarks are related and center around the theme of Art, sparking concerns of potential confusion and association in the market. Our IP department´s meticulous analysis uncovered significant linguistic resemblances and a clear potential for consumer confusion which was thoroughly argued within our opposition.

The convergence of thematic focus and interrelated services further amplified the risk of association, consolidating our stance against coexistence.

Our arguments yielded tangible results as the opposition was declared founded and was the examiner´s basis for the denial of registration for the requested ARTBAT.

Consequently, we successfully defended the client´s trademark family ARTBO against a third party´s attempt to register a similar trademark, thereby further consolidating our client´s trademark protection in the market.

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ARTBO: Protecting the artistic distinctiveness of a brand