Conflict Management Strategy


With well-rounded expertise, the Conflict Resolution and Litigation Department is in charge of drafting and executing successful litigation strategies to defend our client’s interests.

Either with administrative, judicial, or prejudicial proceedings, the highly trained and motivated team is in capacity to propose and implement different tactics, always searching for cost-effective measures to protect our client’s rights.

We believe in the alternative mechanisms for dispute resolutions and we are prepared for any judicial or administrative proceeding derived thereon. We therefore are active in International and Local Arbitration and Mediation.

Services include:

Advice and assistance regarding the best actions and approaches to protect all industrial an intellectual property rights, as well as to defend our clients in any action initiated against them.

Pioneering Firm in Colombia in matters regarding the prevention of the entrance, proliferation, and commercialization of counterfeited goods of prestigious worldwide trademarks.
Experience has taught us that preventive measures are more effective than corrective measures, thus, we promote the registration of our client’s trademarks before the Customs Authorities, to proactively prevent the entrance of counterfeited and infringing goods to Colombia, by means of border measures.

Assistance concerning Domain Names issues, their availability, registration and conflict management. Furthermore, we are experts in domain name’s conflict resolution, UDRP and URS proceedings, among others.
Partner Fernando Triana is a Panelist for WIPO and NAF regarding ICANN matters

Defend our clients from consumer protection actions, initiated by consumers, competitors or the Consumer Protection Authority. We have gathered experience in the type of defenses accepted by the authority and the necessary evidence to be filed .
We are also proficient in filing consumer protection actions and advising our clients in all consumer related matters, such as publicity, chanced-based games, skilled-based games, among others.

Provide end to end counseling, including litigation services whenever conflicts among competitors arise, regarding commercial practices, including trade dress.

Assistance of local and foreign clients, obtaining the fulfillment of the undertakings of any contracts they have entered upon.

Advice of local and foreign clients, carrying out preventive activities such as training and due diligence, advising their business merger processes, and representing them in administrative investigations for violations of the Protection Regime of Competition.

Assistance on the collection of outstanding accounts, invoices, loans, among others.

Filing and defending our client’s rights through Nullity Actions and/or Nullity and Reestablishment of Rights Actions. These are Court Actions, brought before our Highest Administrative Court, the Council of State, to request it to declare void and null the Administrative Acts by means of which the client’s rights are breached by the State of the Republic of Colombia.

Assistance before the health authority to file and prosecute administrative actions regarding health registrations or sanitary authorizations.

Provide legal assistance in all administrative related matter.

We have a team specialized in different areas that allow us to manage you labor and criminal proceedings.

Advice and prosecution of national and international arbitration matters involving commercial law and intellectual property law.



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