INTA Annual Meeting 2024


Our esteemed partners, Fernando Triana, Juan Carlos Uribe, Sandra Ávila, and Nicole van Boxtel, are eagerly anticipating their attendance at the much-awaited INTA Annual Meeting 2024 in the vibrant city of Atlanta. Armed with a wealth of experience and expertise in intellectual property matters, they are primed to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment teeming with industry leaders, luminaries, and innovators. Their participation promises to be instrumental in not only fostering valuable connections but also in staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property.

As seasoned practitioners in the legal arena, Fernando Triana, Juan Carlos Uribe, Sandra Ávila, and Nicole van Boxtel understand the significance of such gatherings in shaping the discourse surrounding intellectual property rights and protections. The INTA Annual Meeting serves as a nexus for thought leadership, innovation, and collaboration, offering a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, share insights, and anticipate emerging trends.

Against the backdrop of Atlanta’s rich cultural tapestry and dynamic business landscape, our partners will have the opportunity to engage in a myriad of enriching experiences, from attending enlightening seminars and workshops to participating in lively discussions and networking events. By actively participating in the intellectual discourse and forging meaningful connections with peers and industry influencers, they aim to leverage their collective knowledge and insights for the benefit of their clients and the legal community at large.

The hashtags #INTAAnnualMeeting2024, #Atlanta, #IP, #Networking, #LegalIndustry, #TrianaUribeMichelsen, #law, and #legal will serve as beacons, guiding their interactions and contributions throughout the event. Through the power of social media and digital platforms, they will amplify their presence, share key takeaways, and engage with a global audience of stakeholders, thereby extending the reach and impact of their participation beyond the confines of the conference venue.

In summary, the forthcoming INTA Annual Meeting 2024 presents a unique opportunity for Fernando Triana, Juan Carlos Uribe, Sandra Ávila, and Nicole van Boxtel to reaffirm their commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the realm of intellectual property law.

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INTA Annual Meeting 2024