GLIPA – ACPI: Memorandum of undestanding


On the auspicious date of November 22, 2023, a significant and forward-thinking collaboration took place between the Global Intellectual Property Alliance (GLIPA) and the Colombian Association of Intellectual Property (ACPI). This historic alliance was formalized through the execution of a memorandum of understanding, a document that signifies a shared commitment to empower creativity and enhance awareness regarding the protection of intellectual property rights in Colombia.

The distinguished representatives leading this transformative initiative were María Fernanda Hurtado, the Executive Director of GLIPA, and Fernando Triana, the esteemed President of ACPI. Their visionary leadership and dedication to the cause of intellectual property rights paved the way for a meaningful partnership that seeks to make a lasting impact on the creative landscape and legal framework in Colombia.

This memorandum of understanding serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit between GLIPA and ACPI. The shared objective is not only to champion the rights of creators and innovators but also to foster an environment that encourages and safeguards intellectual property across various industries. The agreement underscores the importance of acknowledging and protecting the fruits of creative labor, promoting innovation, and ultimately contributing to the growth of Colombia’s knowledge-based economy.

As part of this collaborative effort, both organizations are poised to engage in a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the significance of intellectual property protection. This includes educational programs, workshops, and outreach activities that will empower individuals and businesses alike to understand, appreciate, and protect their intellectual creations.

María Fernanda Hurtado and Fernando Triana, as key figures driving this initiative, express their shared commitment to advancing the understanding and appreciation of intellectual property in Colombia. By combining their expertise, networks, and resources, GLIPA and ACPI aspire to create a positive impact on the cultural, economic, and legal landscape of the nation.

This collaboration stands as a beacon for future partnerships that prioritize the protection of intellectual property as a catalyst for economic development, innovation, and the flourishing of creativity. As the memorandum of understanding unfolds, it is expected to mark the beginning of a transformative journey towards a more vibrant and intellectually protected Colombia.

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GLIPA – ACPI: Memorandum of undestanding