Home to go_ Opens its doors to colombian public

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In a recent legal showdown, our client HOMETOGO GMBH secured a victory as their trademark HOME TO GO_ achieved official registration.

The battle unfolded as COMIDAS VARPEL S.A.S., owner of the trademark HOME BURGERS for food and restaurant services sought to challenge our client’s registration, alleging confusing similarities between the two trademarks.

Triana, Uribe & Michelsen’s IP department swiftly rallied to defend HOMETOGO’s trademark. The core challenge: proving that “HOME TO GO_” and “HOME BURGERS” were unlikely to be confused by consumers, given the differences between property rental services and software for the former and food and restaurant services for the latter.

The result? The trademark authority recognized our arguments and the clear distinctions between the trademarks and their respective services, leading to the registration of our client´s trademark HOME TO GO_.

With this victory, we warmly welcome our Client to the Colombian market, and now they are able to open their doors to you!

If you are an international business and wish to venture into the Colombian market, do not hesitate to contact us to plan a successful legal strategy to protect your brand. Reach us through the email [email protected] or contact us to evaluate the trademark situation of your company and your needs.

Home to go_ Opens its doors to colombian public