Miembro comité INTA 2024 – 2025


We are extremely pleased to announce a momentous achievement within our distinguished team at Triana, Uribe and Michelsen! Our outstanding partner, Fernando Triana, has not only demonstrated exceptional dedication and experience in the field of intellectual property, but has also been elected as a committee member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) for the next period spanning from 2024 until 2025. This prestigious appointment is a testament to Fernando’s unwavering dedication to excellence and his position as a respected leader in the field of trademark law.

The International Trademark Association (INTA) stands as a global beacon in the intellectual property space, fostering collaboration and setting unrivaled standards for trademark professionals around the world. The election of Fernando Triana to the committee is a recognition of his profound contributions to the intellectual property landscape and his commitment to defending the interests and rights of our clients internationally.

As a member of the committee for the period 2024-2025, Fernando will play a crucial role in defining the future direction and policies of INTA, bringing his vast knowledge and experience to the global dialogue on trademark protection and enforcement. This appointment not only enhances Fernando’s personal standing in the legal community, but also reflects positively on the reputation and capabilities of Triana, Uribe and Michelsen as a whole.

Fernando’s election is a source of immense pride for our firm, highlighting the quality of the professionals who make up our team and reinforcing our commitment to remain at the forefront of developments in intellectual property law. We extend our sincere congratulations to Fernando Triana and look forward with great anticipation to the valuable contributions he will undoubtedly make during his tenure on the INTA committee, further cementing our firm’s position as a leader in intellectual property legal services.
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Miembro comité INTA 2024 – 2025