ARTBO, protected by the art of law.

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Based on our strategy, our client CÁMARA DE COMERCIO DE BOGOTÁ filed an opposition against the trademark ESCUELA DE ARTBOGADOS requested by MONICA MARÍA ZULUAGA MORENO.

As main arguments, we highlighted the existence of the trademark family ARTBO, which consists of a group of trademarks that share a common element and belong to the same owner, achieving stronger distinctiveness in the market, thus demanding rigorous protection.  Additionally, we emphasize the lack of distinctiveness of the additional elements of the requested trademark ESCUELA DE ARTBOGADOS and the imminent risk of confusion that would arise from its registration with regards to their trademark ARTBO.

In agreement with the above, the trademark authority found that the requested trademark ESCUELA DE ARTBOGADOS and the opposing trademark ARTBO are confusingly similar, in addition to the competitive connection of the services identified by each of the trademarks: events organization, academic forums, art expositions and fairs, among others.

In conclusion, the Trademarks Office upheld our client’s opposition and denied the registration of the requested trademark ESCUELA DE ARTBOGADOS.

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