Awkward encounters

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With our collaboration our client CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A filed an opposition against the application ENCUENTROS requested by RADIO TELEVISIÓN NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA-RTVC

Among the main arguments, we highlighted that the requested trademark is confusingly similar, to the registered mark ENCUENTROS BLU RADIO + Graphic, since both signs share the expression “ENCUENTROS”. Therefore, the consumer will relate the signs and consider that the identified services in International Class 41, are part of CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A., relating them to the same corporate origin.

The Trademark Authority analyzed the signs and found them grammatically and phonetically confusing, generating a similar impact both visually and auditive in the consumer’s mind. It is important to mention that even though, the term “ENCUENTROS” is in peaceful coexistence with other registrations, on behalf of different owners, in different classes it is not consider as a commonly used term. The trademarks director upheld the opposition filed by our client and denied the registration of the requested trademark.

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Awkward encounters