Children’s game the children’s channel belongs to everyone


In an era where intellectual property becomes increasingly crucial, brand protection becomes a constant battle for recognition and exclusivity. In this context, the case at hand involves two key players in the television industry: CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A. and LATIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC.

The conflict arises when LATIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC applies for the registration of the “CANAL INFANTIL” trademark to identify services in the International Class 38. Faced with this request, CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A., aware of the importance of these expressions in the television field and their widespread use to refer to programs aimed at children, decides to intervene. Their goal: to prevent LATIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC from appropriating such a generic and widely used term in the industry.

The case is relevant not only for the defense of the commercial interests of CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A. but also for the potential impact it could have on the freedom of other entrepreneurs to use common and descriptive expressions to identify their products or services. If the registration of “CANAL INFANTIL” as a trademark were allowed, an unfair barrier would be created for those wishing to use these expressions legitimately.

It is in this scenario that CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A.’s intellectual property department comes into play. Their task is to present an opposition based on the lack of distinctiveness and the descriptive nature of the sign requested by LATIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC. It is argued that “CANAL INFANTIL” lacks the necessary originality to be protected as a trademark, as it is a term commonly used in the industry to identify programs aimed at children.

To support this position, evidence is gathered from the internet demonstrating the widespread and constant use of the “CANAL INFANTIL” expressions in the television field. This evidence reinforces the idea that the term in question does not possess the required distinctiveness to be considered a registered trademark but rather is part of the common language used in the sector.

The examiner assigned to the case acknowledges the strength of the arguments presented by CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A. and concludes that the trademark requested by LATIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC does not meet the necessary requirements for registration. By denying the registration request, the freedom of other companies to use similar expressions legitimately is preserved, and the monopolization of such a widely used term in the television industry is avoided.

Ultimately, this case not only represents a victory for CARACOL TELEVISIÓN S.A. in terms of protecting its commercial interests but also a triumph for fair competition and freedom of expression in the business world. By preventing a generic trademark from being monopolized, an environment is fostered where innovation and creativity can thrive without undue restrictions.

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Children’s game the children’s channel belongs to everyone