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Thanks to the compelling arguments presented by our legal team, we successfully demonstrated that the trademark requested by SECURITAS AB bore clear visual similarities to the trademarks owned by CLARO SA. Notably, the predominant graphic element in all these trademarks was the utilization of red circles. Our meticulous analysis revealed that such visual parallels had the potential to create confusion among consumers.

The trademark authority acknowledged the strength of our arguments and, consequently, rejected the application for the requested trademark. The decision was grounded in the determination that, by replicating the dominant distinctive element found in CLARO SA’s trademarks, the requested trademark exhibited confusing similarity. This similarity, if allowed, had the potential to mislead the consumer public.

This successful outcome not only safeguards the distinctive identity of CLARO SA’s trademarks but also reinforces the importance of distinctiveness in trademarks to prevent consumer confusion. It underscores the efficacy of our legal strategy in protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients in a competitive market.

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Connecting the dots