Courtesy (cortés) detracts not from bravery

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The Colombian Trademark Office, responding to an opposition filed by Triana, Uribe & Michelsen on behalf of DESTILADORA NACIONAL, S.A., safeguarded the rights of our client and took a firm stance in denying the registration of the trademark CONDE CORTES. The opposition was rooted in several grounds, one of which highlighted the shared ideological content between the trademark application for CONDE CORTES and our client’s trademark RON CORTEZ. Both trademarks conveyed the concept of a Spanish surname to the consumer.

The rejection of the CONDE CORTES trademark application is a significant victory as it reinforces the distinctiveness and unique identity of RON CORTEZ in the market. By opposing the registration, we successfully preserved the integrity of our client’s trademark rights, ensuring that consumers are not misled by similarities that could dilute the distinctiveness of the RON CORTEZ brand.

This outcome underscores our ongoing commitment to diligently protect the intellectual property rights of our clients, contributing to maintaining a fair and competitive business environment. Triana, Uribe & Michelsen remains steadfast in its dedication to providing effective legal solutions and advocacy for clients in intellectual property matters.

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Courtesy (cortés) detracts not from bravery