Department of corporate law and franchises


The Intellectual Property and Entertainment Department is responsible for all matters related to the study, development, surveillance and national and international registration of intangible property rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, invention patents, utility models, designs. industrial, industrial secrets, among others.

We also provide advice on related rights and everything related to the entertainment industry in the broadest sense of the word, including aspects of sports law.

Intellectual property services include:

Distinctive signs:

Searches, registrations of trademarks and commercial slogans, deposit of commercial names and commercial emblems, oppositions, action for lack of use or notoriety, licenses and affectation of registration (i.e. change of name/address/domicile, renewal, assignment, etc.)

Designations of origin:

Process of obtaining designations of origin in Colombia and abroad

Patents, utility models, industrial designs:

Helps in resolving concerns regarding inventions and how to present them to the relevant authority


Assistance in protection strategy and contractual negotiation for copyright in literature, music, computer software, theater, cinema, art, television, architecture and other works of authorship

Cancellation actions:

Advice and drafting of cancellation actions due to non-use of a trademark (during the three (3) years following the date of its grant), due to notoriety (of a trademark with the same expression or very similar graphic element) or due to genericity (trademark becoming a common generic term)

Industrial secrets:

Establishment of parameters for the strategy and protection of confidential information, specific knowledge and know how

Plant varieties:

Advising clients in the process and obtaining the Obtentors certificate granted by the seed division of the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario-ICA). We also provide support to flower producers and farmers in royalties and all their commercial activities.

Advertising right:

Advice on compliance with the requirements of the consumer protection statute. Assistance in resolving all legal issues related to advertising, publishing, marketing and commercial, and review of trade presentations, packaging and labels

Entertainment Law:

Project management and protection of musical and audiovisual works, providing advice from the contractual phase to its production, marketing, licensing and insurance.

Sports law:

Advice on sponsorship contracts, disciplinary procedures, doping matters, agent/intermediary contracts, arbitration (CAS), image rights, transfer agreements, player rights, minor rights, solidarity mechanism, training compensation, player contracts .

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Department of corporate law and franchises