Les international annual conference 2022🇮🇹

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It is with great enthusiasm that we share the outstanding participation of our partner, Juan Pablo Triana, at the international event LESI Montreal. Not only did he represent LES Andean Community with distinction, but he also played a crucial role as a Member of the Board, holding the position of Treasurer of LES Andean Community.

LESI Montreal, a world-renowned event in the field of intellectual property and innovation, provided the perfect opportunity for Juan Pablo Triana to consolidate his commitment and expertise in the strategic management of intellectual property matters in the Andean Community region. His active participation as the Treasurer of LES Andean Community demonstrates his dedication not only to strengthening the organization but also to promoting best financial and administrative practices in the field of intellectual property.

In his capacity as a representative, Juan Pablo Triana not only shared valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges in intellectual property in the Andean region but also contributed to formulating innovative strategies to address the changing complexities of the legal landscape in this sector. His active participation at LESI Montreal underscores not only the prominent position of LES Andean Community on the international stage but also the influence and expertise of Juan Pablo Triana as a leader in the global legal community of intellectual property.

This achievement is not only a source of pride for Juan Pablo Triana but also highlights the commitment of Triana, Uribe, and Michelsen to staying at the forefront of developments in intellectual property and contributing significantly to the global dialogue on these issues. We congratulate Juan Pablo Triana for his outstanding participation and for representing LES Andean Community so prominently at this internationally relevant forum.

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Les international annual conference 2022🇮🇹