Litigation Department

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The Conflict Resolution and Litigation Department at Triana Uribe y Michelsen is your trusted partner for developing and executing effective litigation strategies to safeguard our clients’ interests. Our team, equipped with comprehensive expertise, excels in handling administrative, judicial, and prejudicial proceedings, ensuring a robust defense and protection of rights.

Our highly trained and motivated team is adept at proposing and implementing diverse tactics, always striving for cost-effective measures to deliver optimal results for our clients. We firmly believe in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and are well-prepared for any judicial or administrative proceedings that may arise. Our active involvement in both International and Local Arbitration and Mediation showcases our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.

The services offered by our Conflict Resolution and Litigation Department encompass a wide spectrum of legal actions, including but not limited to:

– Industrial and Intellectual Property Actions (Infringement Actions)

– Anticounterfeiting and Trademark Protection before Customs Authorities

– Domain name proceedings (UDRP, URS, among others)

– Consumer Protection Actions

– Unfair Competition and Trade Dress Actions

– Breach of Contracts

– Protection of Market Competition and Antitrust

– Debt Collection

– Nullity Actions

– Sanitary Actions

– Administrative Issues

– Management of Labor and Criminal judicial claims

– National and International Arbitration

Led by the experienced Fernando Triana, the Leading Partner of the department, our Conflict Resolution and Litigation team comprises dedicated professionals including Sandra Méndez, Sandra Ávila, Laura Peláez, and Lina Caicedo. This cohesive team collaborates seamlessly to address complex legal challenges and deliver optimal outcomes for our clients.

Supporting our team, paralegals Diana Camacho and Yolanda Cortés play integral roles in ensuring the efficiency and thoroughness of our legal services. Their expertise contributes to the overall effectiveness of our conflict resolution and litigation strategies.

At Triana Uribe y Michelsen, we are committed to providing personalized and effective legal solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our Conflict Resolution and Litigation Department stands as a pillar of strength in navigating legal complexities, offering steadfast support to safeguard our clients’ interests. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in resolving disputes and achieving successful litigation outcomes.

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Litigation Department