Management consulting department


The Business Consulting Department with more than 30 years of experience in management consulting in the Americas region focuses on solving critical business problems related to strategy, organization, corporate governance and training in consulting and sales skills. consultative.

Strategy is one of the most important topics addressed by the business consulting department, establishing business direction supported by a solid action plan to meet the set objectives. The team of business consultants works collaboratively with clients to help them define their business strategy, identify growth opportunities and improve the profitability of their business.

Organization is also an important aspect in business management, which is why the business consulting department focuses on helping its clients design and develop effective organizational structures. This includes the redesign of business processes, distribution of roles and responsibilities, definition of organizational structures, job descriptions and competency profiles of collaborators in order to measure and evaluate the performance of the organization.

Regarding corporate governance, the business consulting department provides advice on the implementation of best corporate governance practices, in order to ensure that the company operates ethically, transparently and in compliance with current applicable laws and regulations. This includes the definition of policies and procedures for decision making, the structuring of governing bodies and the implementation of internal control systems.

Training in consulting and consultative sales skills is another service offered by the business consulting department. Consultants work with clients’ internal consulting and sales teams, providing them with methodologies, tools and techniques to increase their effectiveness in meeting their objectives.

The business consulting department has extensive experience working with clients from various sectors, including government, the private sector and non-profit organizations in Latin America. Its commitment to excellence and focus on solving critical business problems makes it a trusted partner to its clients. Discover the exceptional range of specialized legal services offered by Triana Uribe y Michelsen, a legal firm committed to excellence and backed by decades of experience. We are proud to excel in key areas such as intellectual property, litigation, corporate law, contracts and healthcare records, providing comprehensive solutions to protect your interests and ensure the success of your projects. In the field of intellectual property, our expert team provides strategic advice for trademark and patent protection, as well as copyright management. In litigation, we aggressively confront legal challenges, representing your interests in commercial, labor or civil disputes. In corporate law, we offer complete advice from the creation to the restructuring of companies, ensuring regulatory compliance and strategic decision making. Accurate drafting and expert interpretation are essential in our contract services, where we help craft clear and fair agreements to protect your rights and business interests. Furthermore, in the complex field of health registrations, we facilitate obtaining them by ensuring that your products comply with all regulations. With a personalized approach, proven results and an unwavering commitment to professional excellence, at Triana Uribe y Michelsen we not only offer legal services, but solutions that drive your success. Trust us to take your business to the next level. Contact us today and find out how we can serve you better!

Management consulting department