Nutritional mandatory frontal stamps


Resolution No. 810 of 2021, issued by the Health Ministry, established the technical regulations for nutritional labeling and mandatory frontal stamps on the packaging of food for human consumption. However, Resolution No. 2492 of 2022, subsequently issued by the Health Ministry, introduced noteworthy changes to the regulatory framework:

1. Excluded the regulation for typical or artisanal food and beverages.

2. Clarified the definition of barely processed and non-processed food.

3. Restricted the possibility of including nutritional or health beneficial declarations for food that bears the mandatory frontal stamps.

4. Implemented a stricter nutritional profile.

5. Extended the scope of sugar regulation from added sugar to free sugar.

6. Introduced mandatory frontal stamps for trans fats.

7. Introduced mandatory frontal stamps for artificial sweeteners.

It is essential to note that the Resolution allows for a six-month grace period for implementation in the market. Therefore, the new labels, in compliance with these changes, will be enforceable starting from June 2023. These modifications signify a significant update to the regulations, aiming to enhance clarity, restrict certain claims, and address emerging concerns related to nutritional aspects and ingredient transparency.

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Nutritional mandatory frontal stamps