One does not improvise use

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On this occasion we assisted our client ALCANTARA ASOCIADOS S.A.S. against the attack directed by the company TBVSC, L.L.C., which sought to cancel our client’s B BOSI brand.

Since our client’s trademark B BOSI is a well-known and used trademark in the Colombian market to identify leather goods, our Intellectual Property Department worked alongside our client to procure and file sufficient evidence to demonstrate the maintained and current use of their mark in the market.

The documentary evidence provided to back up the current use was centered on sales invoices, images and photographic evidence, tax auditor sales certification, and commercial contracts, among others.

Accordingly, after evaluating the documentary evidence and the arguments filed by our client, the trademark examiner declared and concluded the effective and current use of the trademark B BOSI by our client ALCANTARA ASOCIADOS S.A.S. to identify leather goods in the market, thus denying the cancellation action filed by TBVSC, L.L.C.

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One does not improvise use